Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby Talk

As any parent can attest, kids call the shots.  Cooper did this long before he was born when he decided he didn't want to flip in the head down position.  Instead, he lived in my belly as a breech baby with his legs crossed, nestled in my pelvis.  His head and torso went straight up.  We took this as a sign that he wanted to be born via c-section.  Then he broke my water 5 days before the scheduled c-section.  Once again, he was the one calling the shots.  He was born 9 days early.

Up until recently, our baby girl has been going with the flow.  She had been head down for months and caused very few problems for her mom.  The past few days she's been moving like crazy.  So much so that I even looked online to see if unusual fetal movement was a sign of premature labor (because I've had a gut feeling this entire pregnancy that she's going to be born early).  The world wide interweb said slowing movement was a sign of labor so I didn't think too much of it.

So when I went to the doctor on Tuesday for my 36 week appointment I was shocked to learn that our baby girl had actually flipped to the breech position!  Yep, she's forging her own path already.  Her bum is resting in my pelvis with her head and legs pointing upwards, creating a U-shape.  The doctor said this only happens 3-4% of the time.  Most babies who have been head down for so long don't flip, especially once they're this big.  Well, at least I have an explanation for the crazy baby gymnastic routines that have been happening in my belly!

The second shocking thing that happened at my appointment was I found out the fluid around the baby is a little low.  Since I'm far enough along the doctor said he wants to deliver the baby next week if I come back in with lower fluid levels.  Yep, we have a 50/50 chance of being official parents of a little girl by the middle of next week!  My due date is September 10 and I have a c-section scheduled for September 4 so if this baby comes in the next two weeks we'll have two kids who both decided precisely when they wanted to come to our family!

The final update from my appointment was a much easier pill to swallow.  I've only gained 14 pounds throughout this pregnancy!  Yep, that Alabama scale was definitely wrong.  I know the low weight gain is partially because of our daughter's small size (she's measuring just under 6 pounds right now).  Reguarless of when she's born, I think I need to stock up on newborn sized diapers!    


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