Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We Went on Vacation

Our sweltering summer soiree to Alabama and Florida ended on Sunday.  We packed up our family 9 days prior and headed to the hot and humid south for lots of neck-hugging, sugar-giving, picture-making, sweating, and eating.  I was convinced I'd lost 10 pounds of water weight from my constant perspiration, but the onslaught of fried food was obviously more powerful because the scale at my Granny's house said I gained 5 pounds in a matter of days.  I'm convinced they calibrate their scales differently in the south and the number I saw before me was thus inaccurate. 

My mom was born and raised in Alabama and all her family still lives there.  We had lots of fun visiting with family and working in a few adventures here and there. 

33 weeks pregnant.
  • Toured the Hyundai car plant in Montgomery. 
  • Dave, Jared, and my dad put their muscles to work on a high adventure rope course/rock wall at Camp Butter & Egg (named after the road where it's located). 
  • Made the 3 hour drive to Panama City (a.k.a. the Redneck Riviera) to spend a few days at the beach.
What we wanted.
What we got. 
  • Ate at the Waffle House (many say this was the most daring adventure of our trip).
  • Built sandcastles, swam in the pool, and played in the ocean for hours!

This was Cooper's third trip in 2 1/2 years to the ocean and HE LOVED IT!
  • Dave, my dad, Jared, and Cass took jet skis out to a private island where they saw dolphins (Jared actually swam with one), and Dave got up close and personal with a sea urchin (he had the pokers in his foot to prove it!).
  • Enjoyed a ladies + Cooper tea and luncheon at Old Enzor Lane.

  • We enjoyed a shrimp boil at my Uncle's farm made from fresh gulf shrimp.  My Uncle Cyril, and our master chef, manages an oil rig off the coast of New Orleans so our seafood was super fresh.
It was in the high 80s with nearly 100% humidity, so naturally we ate outside. ;)

  •  In the west we grill hamburgers. In the south they fry fish, french fries, hush puppies, okra, and basically anything else they can batter and drop in oil.  Dessert consists of caramel and red velvet cakes, and peanut butter pie. 

  • We stayed with my Granny Rachel, went to Florida with my cousin Amy (and fam), and spent lots of extra time with aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Thanks all for showing us such a great time.  We love you!
Three generations. 


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