Thursday, July 19, 2012

Super Cooper

I keep thinking "Oh, I need to write that down so I don't forget it."  Cooper has grown exponentially over the past few months and I want to make sure I remember all his major milestones.
  • In May Cooper's language switch finally flipped.  He's quick to mimic anything he hears, he knows words we've never taught him, and he can finally carry on a fairly coherent conversation with an adult.  
  • He still LOVES cold water.
  • His first sentence was, "I need Buzz."  Said one night when I wouldn't let him sleep with his plastic, spinning, light-up Buzz Lightyear action figure. 
  • He can name all his primary and many additional colors.
  • Cooper has learned that "ouch" or "that hurts" will get a reaction especially when he doesn't want to get dressed or have his diaper changed. We've since stopped giving him said reaction when we know there's no way he's really been hurt. 
  • He can count to 10.
  • He stands on a chair to eat rather than sitting in a high chair or booster.
  • His recent obsessions include Toy Story, Cars, Calliou, Kipper the Dog, playing chase, and hiding in the bed linens. 
  • Cooper loves eating blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.  Aside from eggs, the only time he eats meat is at Costco when he can inexplicably eat endless chicken sausage, hot dog, and meat lovers pizza samples.
  • He loves to hang out in just his diaper.  When we're home all day I don't fight it!
  • Coop is notorious for wanting to do the opposite of those around him.  He's not really anti-social, but curious to explore his alternatives. When all his friends are outside he wants to go inside. When we're upstairs, he wants to go downstairs.  Let's just say keeping track of him at our multi-level family reunion lodge was exhausting!    
The poor fella fell asleep while watching Toy Story (with his Buzz and Woody toys).
Hiding with daddy under the sheets.
As soon as Cooper saw the helmet and skateboard he told Dave he wanted to, "ride."
The kid loves building trains.  He created this little number 100% on his own. 
One messy man, after playing in the freezing pool and sandbox with Dawson and Emerson.  FYI: His face is covered with Brownie, not mud.  


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