Monday, July 2, 2012

Let's Spring Back...Shall We?

Apparently I've spent this last month on a blogging sabbatical.  The past weeks have been filled with work, playtime, vacation, and one of the most unpleasant stomach flues we've had in recent memory.  Luckily we're all on the mend, and since I've yet to document our Springtime activities I'll give y'all a quick recap.  

We spent the Saturday before Easter at Grandpa Oscar's annual Easter egg hunt.  I thought about taking Cooper to a community hunt and then I realized that would be downright crazy!  Instead of fighting complete strangers for a few plastic eggs filled with lame candy, Cooper had lots of cousins to guide him around Grandpa's yard.  And Oscar's seemingly endless supply of eggs were filled with money, toys, and chocolate candy.  We left with quite a haul and since Cooper was much more interested in finding the eggs than revealing their contents, Dave and I enjoyed a Snicker feast on the ride home.  The day was definitely a win/win for everyone!
Being one of the youngest worked to Coop's advantage when all the cousins lined up by age to start the big hunt.  
Typical boy...Cooper loved hunting eggs in the dirt!
This little boy sure loves his Grandpa!

Easter Sunday was spent at my parents' house.  We had dinner, exchanged Easter baskets, and attempted adult and kid hunts but our plans were thwarted when Cooper + running with Pez dispenser + concrete ledge = Pez through the head.  Fortunately, an Elmo band aid and a little TLC made everything better!  
These were the best Easter Sunday picture we got of the ever-busy Cooper Boy. For some decent pics, check out these gems

Cooper started swimming lessons this Spring.  If you remember, this is how Coop responded to the water last summer.  Fortunately, Cooper took to swimming...well, like a fish to water.  He loves going down the slides, putting his face under, and blowing bubbles.  He's even swum all by himself (with the help of arm floaties).     

Finally, we returned to our favorite Park City condo for Memorial Day weekend.  We loaded up on baby clothes at the outlet mall and watched lots of movies (in case you're curious, the movie version of The Vow is NOTHING like the glad I'd didn't pay to see that bummer of a flick in the theater).  It even snowed while we were there so we spent most of the time inside rather than living it up at the park or on the golf course.

Cooper (a.k.a. Mr. I Only Want to Wear My Diaper) helped unpack all our clothes and baby purchases while in Park City.

We took the scenic way home and stopped by Orem for Memorial Day.  We enjoyed great visits with family and dropped off flowers at the cemetery for Grandma Dorine. 

It's a little too sunny, but you get the idea. 25 weeks preggers in this picture.


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