Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Baby Must-Haves

I'm not sure if I'm just nesting ridiculously early or if I'm just more easily able to indulge my compulsive organization now that I'm home all day.  Whatever the cause, I've been busily working on household projects and baby preparations for the past few weeks.

I scraped out all the silicone in our master shower and re-sealed everything (the cultured marble lady told me it would be a big project and she wasn't kidding). I re-assembled the crib and even switched several doorknobs in the house.  These haven't been my types of projects in the past, but when Dave's at work I see things I want done and I've just decided to do them.  Dave hasn't complained about his shortened honey-do lists. :)

The day after we found out we were having a girl I went through all of Cooper's baby clothes to pick out things that would work for our new addition.  Her closet has been organized by size with gender neutral onesies and pjs kindly donated by her brother for weeks. I also sorted through a box of my baby clothes that my parents kept.  Our little miss has lots of cute vintage dresses to wear next summer (99% of my baby clothes are only summer appropriate...such is the case when you're born in sunny-all-year-long Hawaii). 

Going through our baby stuff has helped me realize there are a few items that I simply can't live without.  These are items I've lugged from coast to coast because I couldn't survive without them. I know every mom's list is different, but my baby must-haves are below.  

My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow: I know the Boppy Pillow is the new mom go-to but my sister-in-law gave me the My Breast Friend pillow (she swore by it) and I fell in love immediately.  It is much sturdier than a Boppy and can be strapped around your waist so it doesn't fall out of place. It also offers great lower back support.  These benefits were invaluable when I was nursing Cooper every 3 hours for 45 minutes each session.  

Video Baby Monitor: We still use Cooper's baby monitor and plan to use it until he leaves on his mission when he's 19. :)  We'll be getting a second monitor for our baby girl so we can see when she's sleeping and when she's just playing in her crib.  The price tag for these monitors is outrageous in comparison to the basic sound-only monitors but for Dave and me, it's worth every penny.  I could go on and on about the benefits...if you want my extended endorsement, just ask. 

Baby Mirror: One of the first things we bought after Cooper was born (and wished we'd had the entire ride home from the hospital) was a mirror for our car.  No one ever told us we needed one, but once we got it we couldn't live without it.  It fell over a few times while I was driving and I pulled over on the side of the road just to fix it.
Brica  Baby In Sight Mirror.Opens in a new window
Fisher Price Booster Seat: I did a ton of research on baby products when I was pregnant with Cooper.  I fell in love with the looks of a black Eddie Bauer high chair but didn't like the high price.  After reading tons of reviews I discovered this booster seat had the best price (typically $25-ish) and tons of great reviews.  Cooper used his Bumbo chair when he was a wee babe and then transitioned directly into this booster.  It folds up so it's great for traveling and it clips to any chair so you don't have to worry about a bulky high chair cluttering up your kitchen.  It's also really easy to clean.

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

If your an expectant mommy I'd give all four of these items my seal of approval.  I know everyone is different, but this momma will make sure her baby girl makes good use of all these baby must-haves. 


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