Monday, May 14, 2012

A Day in the Life of Cooper

Wake up and fix things with his tools.
The clothes on our bed are the result of my monthly wardrobe planning (see Simplify Your Life, Tip #4).

Line up all the toys in his closet.

Help mommy make muffins. 
The way I define the word "help" has definitively changed!

Build a tower...promptly knock it down.

Cheese it up while running errands with mommy.

Pretend to sleep (while fake snoring) until a fake sneeze wakes him up. 

Read books.
Cooper and Poppa.

Take a nap.
We've since centered Cooper's monogram over the bed.  I'm sure that was bothering you too.

Have a snack and watch a show.

Take a self portrait to send to daddy.

Eat two bites of dinner and then decide it's playtime.
Cooper can eat a meal in less than 60 seconds.  We're thinking of calling the Guinness World Record people.


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