Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Crazy Cooper Boy

This might as well be Cooper's newest motto.

While Cooper does lots of things like other toddlers (he's mastered the art of procrastinating bedtime and naptime at the age of two), he also likes to march to the beat of his own drum.  Case in point:

* Cooper loves brrr (a.k.a cold water).  His reward for letting us wash his hair is getting dumped on with cold water.  He'd take all his baths in cold water if we'd let him and he loves playing with the hose no matter the temperature outside.
* Cooper may be a tornado of activity but he is also very particular about things.  If I put something away in a certain place and then try to put it somewhere else later he always calls me on it.  He won't get in his bed unless all his toys are picked up and he always wants his shoes off before he gets on our couch.  No DNA testing is required -- that right there proves he's his momma's boy!
* Cooper loves the dark.  He loves playing in the closets without the lights on and he even likes bathing in the dark.

Luckily for Cooper, silliness runs in the family!


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