Monday, April 2, 2012

Ombre Tree Home Decor Block

Last week I shared a few crafty ideas on the Wood Connection blog.  I loved working on this ombre block and wanted to share more detailed instructions for creating your own version.

Let me show you how to make this:

1) Mark three equal sections on your photo block using a ruler and a pen.  This will ensure your three yarn colors are evenly spaced. 2) Run a line of hot glue along the edge of your block and gently lay your yarn over the top. Note: Don't push the glue into or next to the glue or you'll get big glue globs.

3) Continue applying small amounts of hot glue and laying down your yarn.  You only need little dots of glue every few inches to hold down your yarn so use your glue sparingly. 4) Once you reach your first marked line on your block, place your first color of yarn to the side and add your second color.

5) Alternate your two colors for a few rotations. 6) Then wrap a small section of the second color and wrap one final section of the first color.  Once this is complete, you can trim off the first color. Repeat for remaining colors.

Once my block was completely covered with yarn, I needed a focal point.  I found this branch (for $3.50 that goes with a DARLING owl wall hanging from the Wood Connection) that I knew would be perfect.  I had it trimmed down (thanks, Wood Connection staff!) and I painted it.  Ta-da, I had a cute tree that perfectly complimented the clean lines of my yarn-covered block.  


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