Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's a....

Dave and I exercised great patience yesterday.  We went to our ultrasound appointment at 8 AM, but asked the technician to keep the gender a secret.  She took pictures of our little one's crotch while we looked away.  We wanted to find out the gender that night, surrounded by our friends and family.

The appointment went well.  Our baby looks a little small, but still within the acceptable range (Cooper measured small too).  The baby has two arms, two legs, a strong heart, and an active tongue (we actually saw it stick it's tongue out during the ultrasound).

After our appointment I took a sealed envelope that the technician had prepared to the grocery store.  I asked them to fill a box with pink or blue balloons and then seal it closed.  I was alone with that box for several hours.  The tape wasn't that secure.  I could have peeked at any time...but I resisted.

Once everyone got here at 7:30 PM we opened our box.  The Facebook predictions were pretty split between a boy and a girl.  Dave and I were going to be happy with whatever little spirit was sent to us, but we really loved the idea of having a little sister for Cooper.

A quick rip of the tape revealed PINK!

We feel so blessed to be having another baby and we are so excited for this (what is sure to be DARLING) little girl to join our family.

The one and only time we'll be showing this angle on our blog:

Her little profile with her arm up by her head.

Let the pink-ification begin!  


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