Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cooper Boy

I'm really excited for this new baby, but I must admit that I now feel like I have a ticking clock following me everywhere I go.  I only have a few more months of one-on-one cuddles with Cooper, a few more months of him having my undivided attention, and a few more months of uninterrupted story time.  I'm confident we'll settle into our new family of four quite nicely, but I still want to make sure I take this opportunity to enjoy our current dynamic while I still can.

At Cooper's 2 year appointment (2 months ago) he weighed 26.6 lbs and was nearly 35 inches.  He loves playing outside, downstairs, under blankets, and at other people's homes.  He always wants to wear shoes and loves pretending he's a miner.  He dons his fire hat, construction vest, hammer, and flashlight. His playmate (Dave or I) wear a construction hat and flashlight.  We hunker down inside a bedroom or coat closet and hammer places spotlighted by our flashlights.  Trust me, it's hours of fun!

Hi-ho. hi-ho. It's off to work we go. 

Cooper loves books (Fred and Ted is a current fav), and watching Dora the Explorer (a.k.a. Boots), Fireman Sam, and the Backyardigans.  Cooper has also started to discover the magic of Disney and likes watching [parts of] Cars and Finding Nemo.  People who spend time with Cooper describe him as friendly, curious, and busy.  He's not one to sit still for more than a few minutes and he's always exploring his surroundings (which makes him mommy a little exhausted...to say the least).  

A rare picture of Cooper that isn't blurry from his constant go, go, go. P.S. Cooper loves his Poppa.

I tease that Cooper has mastered the art of pointing and grunting, but he's really started mimicking more and more words.  I haven't counted up everything he can say, but I'm sure if I combined all the words, sound effects, and animal noises he makes the number would surprise me.

Cooper can recognize many colors, has decided to live on milk alone, and insists on taking his "brief case" (a plush puzzle of the USA in a zipper bag) whenever we leave the house.  I suppose that's what happens when you have 2 years of seeing your mom carry a diaper bag every time she makes an exit.  He also loves making "trains" out of anything he sees: toys, shoes, balls...the list goes on.

Our little train conductor. Choo, choo!
Cooper is still a big daddy's boy.  Cooper loves his Daddy Time and spends much of the day watching for daddy's vroom vroom.

Cooper and his animal friends watching for daddy. The little guy had a long wait ahead of him.  It was only 9 AM when I took this picture!

Dave and I love our Cooper Boy and our little baby.  We're excited to see how they interact.  Right now, Cooper practically mauls his baby cousin when he sees him.  I think Cooper is going to be in the middle of the baby action for the first little while.  


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