Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Dave's Birthday

Tomorrow is my handsome husband's birthday.  I know most of this blog is about my adventures in mommy-hood, but Dave is the real superhero of the family.  Dave is a hard worker who's quick to serve, and the best daddy a boy (and baby avocado) could ask for.

Between Dave's commute and long working hours, he's gone for 12+ hours many days just for his job. When he comes home he has school (Dave went back to school in September to become a Certified Financial Planner...good accountants become CPAs and good financial planners become CFPs).  He also has 5+ hours of church meetings most Sundays and lots of other church responsibilities that take his time and energy throughout the week.

Even with all of these things pulling at his attention, Dave's still Cooper's favorite playmate.  He's an expert tower builder, book reader, and Cooper bather. He's also my prince charming of over 9 years, my best friend, and the handsomest man on the planet.

Happy birthday, Dave.  We don't tell you enough, but we love you and are SO GRATEFUL for all you do for our family.  Thanks for always setting such a good example for us and for being our ever-lovin' husband and daddy.


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