Monday, February 22, 2010

Cooper's Quarters

We’ve had several requests for pictures of our completed nursery. Dave and I are really pleased with the way Cooper’s bedroom came out especially considering we only spent $20 on all the wall d├ęcor and our curtains cost us less than $30 (thanks to an IKEA gift card from my co-workers and my mom's sweet friend who’s a whiz with a sewing machine). We also got a great deal on our bedroom set and bedding…have I mentioned I’m a bargain shopper?!

We didn’t want a super theme-y room and so we tried to take a more sophisticated baby approach. The bedding is from JCPenney and our uber talented sister-in-law, Cassidy, painted the elephant on the wall as a Christmas gift – love, love, love it!

While we’re bragging about our amazing family and friends we have to publically thank all the kind people who literally showered us with baby gifts! Once the nursery was set up we went on a bit of a baby spending freeze (aside from stocking up on diapers when they were on sale at Costco). After five separate showers it’s officially safe to say we are fully stocked with all the baby basics (and the not-so basics). We have truly been wrapped up in love and support from all of you and would be remiss if we didn’t say, “THANK YOU!”

Okay, without further ado…Cooper’s quarters:

Jennifer made this darling banner for one of my showers. Dave put it up early Friday morning before we left for the hospital so Cooper would be properly greeted when he came home.

Dave collected elephants when he was a little boy so when I found this bedding I knew we had to get it for our little one. The rest of the stuffed elephants just began accumulating up after that!

Aunt Lauralee and her family gave us this cute elephant that stands up. He'll be played with a lot once Cooper gets bigger.

Changing table and firetruck.

The perfect painting Aunt Cassidy gave us for Christmas.

Every little boy needs a giant monogram on the wall...right?

The elephant hanging on the side is named Rupert. He's keeping an eye on the crib until Cooper is big enough to sleep in it.

One cute nursery for one even cuter little boy!

Thanks for joining us on this little tour. Check back soon for even more Cooper updates!


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