Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer Fun

School starts soon so we're trying to squeeze out the last few drops from summer.  We've done a lot of playing in the sandbox and on the swing set.

Sloan playing with her buddy Brett.
 We've gone on hikes around Graham's awesome new neighborhood.

Three little monkeys sitting in a tree...
We went to This Is the Place State Park and were surprised with how much it has changed.  It is definitely a happening place to be. 
Coop loved the Native American dancers.

And everyone enjoyed panning for gold.

We stayed inside to beat the heat too.  Cooper has recently discovered the Wii and he is really good at it.  He's best at boxing and golf.  I, however am a bowling rock star!

Yep, I beat my non-bowling husband and my 4-year-old. ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Viva Las Vegas

In July we went to Vegas to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday.  This was Sloan's first trip to Las Vegas and she seemed to like it.  We did a terrible job of taking pictures.  We didn't get a single group shot and we barely documented Sloan's maiden voyage to sin city.  Oh well, I guess that means we were too busy having fun!

The stroller brigade in front of the Luxor. 
After our trip to Disney World, Cooper is obsessed with characters.  We tried to explain that the people who dressed up in Vegas just wanted tips and they didn't sign autographs. Cooper didn't understand.  He just really wanted to have his picture taken, even if that meant he had to pay fifty cents (yes, we're BIG tippers). 

My brother works in HR so he arranged for us to take a Culture Tour at Zappos.  It was certainly interesting + the kids got toys and could dress up!
We ate at all our favorite restaurants, took a dip in the pool, went to the Outlet Malls, and my parents even took Cassidy and I to see the Beatles Love show at the Mirage. It was a nice little getaway and Cooper still talks about sleeping in the pyramid and reading all the hieroglyphics in Las Vegas!

Monday, August 11, 2014


Sloan has a love/hate relationship with clothing.

LOVE: She loves getting dressed and she changes her clothes multiple times a day.  She's been able to put on her clothes, socks, and shoes all by herself for quite sometime.  She'll wear a pair of sunglasses all day long.  She loves necklaces, leg warmers, and belts.  Perhaps she'll be a stylist one day.

HATE: She has also learned that Dave and I ignore her when she throws tantrums.  So to remedy this, she has started stripping off all of those clothes she loves so much (diaper included) when she gets upset.  Since she's not potty trained, we can't ignore her when she's running around naked!  We've tried putting the diapers on backwards and duct taping them on.  This is definitely a deterrent but if she's really mad, she can still get them off!

The other day I decided to take pictures of all the ensembles Sloan came up with in one day.  Unfortunately, she changed so often that I couldn't get pictures of all her outfits but here is a sampling of the fashion show we had front row seats for!  For the record, I get her dressed in matching clothes and do her hair every morning -- those well coiffed looks don't last long.

Sunglasses and jelly shoes.

Head lamp necklace, baby doll pants turned knee pad, and mismatched slipper/shoes.

Onesie baton twirler.

I tried doing her hair again. She added a romper and a jacket.

Then she felt like she needed some sunglasses and a swim diaper.

Apparently she got cold, and decided to add Cooper's shirt.

Cooper's pjs look comfy.

Perhaps a camo vest and baseball hat might look nice.

We love our little lady even though she looks homeless most of the day.  One thing you can always say about Sloan is she certainly has her own style!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sloan at 21 & 22 Months

21 Months
Loved pretzels and milk.
Tried her very first sucker -- she was a fan! 
Started showing an interest in TV. She especially liked Daniel Tiger and Franny's Feet
Decided she no longer wanted to keep her ponytails in.
Started playing WITH Cooper rather than just BY him.
Loved playing with her grandparents.
Wore her swimsuit almost every day. 

Sucker love. 
Ponytail hate.
Poppa + Swimsuit.

22 Months
Went to Las Vegas for the first time.
Learned how to open doors. 
Stopped using her high chair.
Started brushing her teeth without a fight.
Climbed out of her crib. She now sleeps in a toddler bed.
Continued taking off her diaper and clothes so started getting her diapers duct taped on!
Tried shrimp for the first time. She liked it.
Started coloring with crayons for more than 2 minutes.
Stripped down naked when she was mad or didn't get her way!
Learned to make a sad face, surprised face, scary face, and happy face on demand.

Surprised face. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Outings

In June we joined Maggie and her mom at Discovery Gateway.  Cooper loved their new Bob the Builder exhibit and Sloan loved having a playmate who was just her size!

Hi, Cow Pokes!

Playing in the water. Sloan, 21 months.

Can someone please tell me where my baby went?  She woke up one morning and was a little girl!

Cooper was a great grocer.

We ended our adventure with a run through the Gateway fountain and a little lunch. 

We are also lucky enough to have a splash pad steps away from our house. We've enjoyed many a wagon ride across the street to play in the water.

Cooper played.

Sloan did this. :)

We went to the Days of 47 float preview party for the first time this year.  The kids loved looking at the floats with Braxton and his family, but the best part was definitely the face painting and balloon animals!

Naturally, Cooper picked a superhero.

Bullseye! Coop's balloon bow and arrow. 

Our little butterfly with her decapitated poodle. Sloan, 22 months.


It's hard to believe the summer is almost over.  It's been fun, but I'm also looking forward to the familiarity of a routine.  This has definitely been a season of change in our household and I think we're all ready for life to calm down a bit.  Here's to hoping...and happy August! :)


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